Business solution

As a business solution, Go Handy provide a wide range of packing materials and shipping for start-ups companies, online companies to medium corporations, whether you need to send a single parcel across UK, or internationally, we provide the complete solution.

Easy steps to get your items pack and send…

The service Go Handy offers to you its simple, fair, and no hidden costs.
You’ll never worry about packing and send your items over again, that means, you’ll have more time to focus in your
sales, leaving the rest with us…

Step 1 – Collection

Order your Collection filling the form in our website Once you order a collection, we’ll be ready to arrange it, in the mean time, our team will be waiting to complete your demand and send over your items on the same day.

*Orders complete and submitted before 2 pm

Step 2 – Packing specialists

As soon as your item arrive at our warehouse, our team will look after it, we are specialized in accessing the right type of packing for any item and using all others resources available to protect your shipment We are truly the experts when it comes to custom packaging, and crafting those fragile, large, Awkward and valuable items…

Step 3 – Delivery

We working in partnership with the biggest deliveries’ companies in UK, like DHL, Parcel Force, I-post and Royal Mail, your item will be delivery with the maximum and safety quality of service to delivery on time and securely anywhere.



Safe collections with no hassle, your orders will be collected in bags by our driver and will be delivered safe to ourwarehouse. Also, we provide tracking number for all shipment

Boxes and cartons

Go Handy stores a wide range of quality packing boxes and protection to pack your goods


Our rates are better and cheaper because we aggregate parcels from others businesses like yours to get the best shipping price.


Local LONDON area (Inside M25)
We provide high standards for your domestic shipping as we are based in London, also provide a fast delivery
options including our rapid same-day delivery service (in London)



For UK deliveries you can trust Go Handy to delivery your items on time and securely anywhere in the UK as we use the best companies in UK as DHL, Parcel Force, I-post and Royal Mail

International shipping

As international delivery service and logistics provider, operating from a growing network and conveniently located shops on the high street, we are UK specialist packing and ship to Europe and make international deliveries to any destination around the Globe!

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